Welcome to the New Zealand
GovTechTalent Graduate Programme

The Digital and ICT GovTechTalent Graduate Programme
was open for applications from the 1st July - 31st July 2019 for our 2020 intake.

Why Join Our
Graduate Programme?

Why Government

Working in digital, is about putting people first. In government, we focus on what people need from us. How we can meet their needs using emerging technologies, data and changes to government culture, practices and processes.

Digital is more than improving IT systems and processes. In the broadest sense, it means doing things differently in an increasingly connected world — using new mindsets, skillsets, technologies and data to benefit people, government and the economy.

As we head towards a digital future, we need to think about the role of government in ensuring we have an inclusive and equitable society. Government needs to help communities adjust to the coming changes and to support everybody to adapt to the new world. Imagine how you can make a difference. How your career can contribute to the wellbeing of people, and to the strength of the economy. This is what it means to work in Government.

Why this Graduate Programme

Here’s what the graduates have to say…

“The leadership team and the Grads come together to make the programme work. Lots of programmes don’t do that or give graduates that voice amongst management” (Nathan Mountfort, GTT Graduate)

“I am learning skills that are relevant in the modern workplace, and I’m developing relationships and experience that will put me in a good position to pursue my goals into the future” (Chris McDowall, GTT Graduate)

They also told us what they love about the programme:

  • The freedom to explore what you are passionate about.
  • Exposure to a number of different business areas, projects, areas of interest, ways of working.
  • Experiencing real time effects of your work benefiting New Zealanders.
  • The social nature of the programme, working with the other graduates.
  • A say in the direction of the programme. Your voice matters!
  • You will receive ongoing coaching and mentoring to guide your career development.
  • You will receive networking opportunities – you will meet many talented leaders in the industry, and you’ll be encouraged to work closely with the other graduates to build a strong network that will serve your future career.
  • You will receive both technical and personal development to align with your career aspirations.
  • How the programme works

    It’s all happening in the coolest capital city.

    You spend 24-months rotating through three of the participating government agencies, spending eight months in each.

  • In your 1st eight month rotation, you will explore multiple opportunities. Check out the Skills and Knowledge Section to discover the type of work on offer.
  • By the 2nd Rotation in your next agency you’ll navigate a new environment; refining your existing skills and honing in on your desired career path.
  • By the 3rd Rotation, we’ll help position you to be 'career ready'.
  • What you need

  • We love graduates who are community focused and passionate about working to advance NZ.
  • A willingness to learn.
  • Self-awareness and empathy (a must in digital).
  • Self-motivation.
  • A big picture thinker – drilling down to what matters, and appreciating the environment in which you engage.
  • Resilience balanced with adaptability – being able to deal with ambiguity, flexibility and pragmatism when responding to events.
  • Highly effective communication skills (you’ll be networking a lot).
  • No need to have to have a technical background, although an interest in technology is a good thing.
  • You also need to have recently graduated (up to 24months), or are due to graduate in 2019, and available to work from February 2020.


    Should only people with a digital/ICT background apply to the programme?
    "No. I was worried as I did not come from a digital/technical background. I now realise you don’t need a technical background, if you have an understanding of the technical details of the project at a high level and are willing to learn, there are many project areas that you can work in" (Lisa Zondag, GTT Graduate)

    What kind of work will you be doing?
    "It has totally thrown out my original career aspirations. Everyday another idea of what I could do comes up and broadens my thoughts. I have thought of doing UX, Project delivery, Programme management, Policy, Change Mgmt, the list just goes on". (Kate Forward, GTT Graduate).

    Check out the Skills and Knowledge Section to discover the type of work on offer.

    What’s the culture like in Government?
    Every agency is a little different from the next. You're guaranteed to meet welcoming, fun (yes fun) and hardworking people who love that their work creates value for NZ'ers.

    Hear from Lisa

    "You see what is unique about each agency you operate in and are able to take your experiences from each agency and transfer these skills across as you progress through the programme. I also really enjoyed being able to work on a variety of different projects, but also the range of experiences through individual accountability and team-orientated projects were very rewarding."

    Hear from Alice

    "I thought that given I hadn’t studied anything to do with technology, this programme may not be right for me. However, it is an excellent opportunity for those without a technology background to work in the tech sector"

    Hear from Ty

    “The concept of rotating through a series of government agencies was appealing and provided many opportunities. This breadth of experience and flexibility benefits you as you progress through the different agencies and acquire different skills and traits from an expansive network of people.”

    Hear from Kate

    "Govtech gave me great flexibility and options in pursuing multiple areas of interest in technology. I never thought that I would work in IT and digital technology due to my commerce background, but GovTech showed me the synergy between business and technology that I didn’t realise."

    Skills and knowledge
    you will build on

    SecurityIn a security role, you’ll evaluate risks so that the agency can make informed decisions. It's about protecting data and information between government, businesses and citizens. Done securely, you will help build trust and confidence in government services in a digital world....


    Information and DataIn an Information and data role, you’ll collate and present information and data in a way that is easy to understand. This information will help agencies ask the right questions and support governments data-driven future...


    Project DeliveryIn a project delivery role, you’ll work in a project team delivering and monitoring projects. You’ll work in small to large scale projects ensuring the team considers the customer from start to finish. This requires you to be organised, determined and enjoy working with people...


    TechnologyIn this role, you will help managers understand what digital technologies can offer. You have the opportunity to gain skills in a hands-on technology environment, as well as engaging with other government agencies and private companies...


    UX (User Experience) In a UX role, you’ll work in a team designing and developing tools and services that assist with the interaction between the government and the public. Thinking of the overall experience of the user, you’re evaluate and improve upon the ways government can best serve New Zealanders...


    Digital IntegratorIn a digital integrator role, you will need to be a future thinker. You will research digital trends to facilitate government's transition into digital. You will communicate your ideas with colleagues and managers to streamline services to the public...


    Apply Now

    Application period:
    1st July - 31st July 2019
    The application period has closed.

    Application Tips:
    - Understand the function of the participating government departments and agencies.
    - Understand the aims of the Government ICT Strategy. For more information, visit digital.govt.nz.
    - Remember that the programme is 24 months based in Wellington with 3 rotations in different government agencies for 8 months.
    - Take time and care when answering the questions in the application form and don't forget to attach your CV/Resume.